Established in 1964, Azorim is an Israeli real estate company that is the longstanding leader in the branch.
One of the reasons for Azorim’s high positioning is its aspiration to excellence, attention to details and maintaining
the vision that this home is far more than four walls. It is this great attention to the small details that has characterized
the projects planned by Azorim for over 50 years, and that allows its customers to enjoy a rich community life and services that will make their lives easier and fuller.

The company’s nature allows merging of professional know-how, experience and attentiveness to its customers’ needs.
The Azorim community is a learning, improving and sharing community, based on the understanding that a great idea can come from the residents.
Azorim renews and updates its offers according to the needs of the Israeli family, for which it creates a quality community, providing all the residents’
requirements and including green areas, leisure areas, shopping centers, etc.

Ofer Investments Group

Established in 1957, Ofer Investments is one of the leading business groups in the Israeli economy,
working in the fields of income-producing real estate, residential properties, the hotel industry and banking.
Ofer Investments specializes in purchase, promotion, development and management of income-producing real estate and residential properties.
It owns hundreds of thousands of square meters for rental, including some of the leading Israeli shopping and commercial centers, office buildings,
industrial and high-tech parks. The Group owns public companies with shares traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Mizrahi Tefahot Bank (joint control)
and Melisron (exclusive control).

Azorim Azorim Ofer Investments Group
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